'Modern Family' 's Star French Bulldog Dies After Filming Series Finale: Report

The Frenchie played the beloved dog of Ed O'Neill's character Jay Pritchett on the ABC series

Modern Familys star French bulldog Stella has died, according to a report from The Blast.

The famous dog, named Beatrice, played the beloved dog of Ed O’Neill’s character Jay Pritchett on the ABC series. The Frenchie was with the Good Dog Animals agency.

A spokesperson for Good Dog Animals did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

In 2017, Beatrice’s owners Guin and Steve Solomon spoke with the blog, Bodie on the Road, about spending time on the set of Modern Family.

“Ed O’Neill is in love with her! It’s very easy working with him because he brings Beatrice treats like popcorn and always looks out for her,” Guin said. “We’ll be doing scenes in the backyard by the pool and in between takes he’ll say, ‘Would you please get Beatrice an umbrella, she’s in the sun!’ ”

ABC's "Modern Family" - Season Six
Peter "Hopper" Stone/ABC/Getty Images
Modern Family
Walt Disney Television via Getty Images/Peter "Hopper" Stone

Beatrice was first introduced as Stella in season 4 after she replaced predecessor Brigitte, a fellow French Bulldog and dog actress.

While on set for the beloved ABC comedy, Beatrice also had her own version of a trailer — a little crate where she could “rest and relax,” Guin said.

“We always put Stella in her crate, otherwise she’d be running around the set and then be panting wildly for her scene and we’d have to take extra time to calm her down,” Guin said. “Of course the crew loves to play with her when she’s out and about because she’s so fun and clowny. She really is one of the family!”

Modern Family
Walt Disney Television via Getty Images/Peter "Hopper" Stone

In late February, the cast and crew assembled for their final day of filming the series finale which will air in April.

Several cast members marked the occasion with emotional Instagram posts, including co-creator Steve Levitan, who posted a heartwarming video of the entire cast and crew of the show waving goodbye.

“Today is our last day shooting #modernfamily,” he captioned the clip. “These are just some of the wonderful people who’ve made the last 11 seasons possible. I love them all. 😢.”

The cast and crew later celebrated with a final wrap party at Sunset Room Hollywood in Los Angeles.

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