Missouri Dog Trainer's 3 'Eager' Canines Try to Complete Household Chores for Their Pet Parent

Retired dog trainer Linda Kush's three canines tried out several household chores — like mopping the floors and cleaning the mirrors — for Pet Owners Independence Day

dogs cleaning. Photo: Linda Kush / CATERS NEWS

Need a good home cleaning? These three dogs from Missouri are the canines for the job.

Last month, retired dog trainer Linda Kush commemorated April 18th's Pet Owners Independence Day by swapping roles with her three dogs: Vizslas Reka and Roxie, and Weimaraner Riley. While Kush relaxed for the day, the canines took on the big task of cleaning Kush's home — and they pulled it off to perfection.

"I had them hard at work that day; they're very well trained, so it doesn't take any time at all to get them going," Kush told Caters News, per the Daily Mail, about the playful pictures she took of her pups.

A handful of the adorable photos taken by Kush show the three dogs vacuuming and mopping the floors, polishing the toilets, cleaning the sink, wiping the mirrors, and more. At times, the dogs even put on gloves to complete their tasks.

"They're always eager to get to work," Kush said of her dogs. "It seems like they always want to know what I'm up to."

Dog cleaning. Linda Kush / CATERS NEWS

Kush even declared that Roxie was the best cleaner of the bunch.

"She seems to be the best one at everything — she doesn't even mind cleaning the toilets, she got the worst job and did so well," Kush told Caters News.

After the dog trio completed their chores, Kush rewarded the pack with an exhilarating nature hike and plenty of praise.

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