Akita breeder Issac Davis gave Rijoni Perry a 9-week-old akita after the loss of his beloved pet

By Amy Jamieson
Updated May 09, 2016 12:40 AM

When Issac Davis saw the news report in December that Rijoni Perry had lost his beloved akita mix during a home invasion, it really struck a chord.

The dog, named Niko, suffered three gunshot wounds during the burglary and thieves ran off with a laptop, WAPT News reported at the time.

“Two years ago to that day, I lost one of my prized akitas,” Davis tells PEOPLE. “I had him 13 years. Every year on Dec. 10 I think about him, he was just like one of my kids. The day they aired that story on the news, I thought about that.”

Davis, who breeds akitas through his company Grace Akitas in Jackson, Mississippi, went from thinking about it, to doing something about it.

“I woke up the next day and thought I’m going to give this man a puppy,” he says. ” I found him, called him and told him what I’d do and I said I want to give you an akita. I want you to have one. Because I felt what you went through. I know how you feel.”

Davis says Perry started crying on the phone and thanked him. He needed a few weeks to get his house ready for a new dog and last Sunday Davis presented Perry with the 9-week-old akita pup, who he has named Samson.

“God works things out,” Davis says of the gift he gave Perry. “The puppy is the exact image of the dog that passed. He couldn’t believe that the dog looked just like his dog.”