Missing! One Beloved Parrot, Swiped from Owner's Porch

Gordo was last seen in the arms of a runaway bird-napper outside L.A.

Last Wednesday Fred Mireles’s mother heard crashing and squawking on their porch. She came out only to see a man running away with Gordo, her son’s Guatemalan parrot who has become a neighborhood favorite.

Called “a popular city figure” by the Pasadena Star News, Gordo was known for riding a skateboard around Baldwin Park, a town east of Los Angeles.

Mireles is desperately trying to get his 30-year-old bird back, but police say that will be difficult because parrots could easily be sold and kept hidden in another household. The bird is worth $5,000, but money is not the issue, says Mireles. He is more concerned about losing his best pal, who helped him recover after an accident.

“I’m 47 years old and I don’t have a child,” Mireles told the newspaper. “[He] was like my kid. I’m devastated.”

Here’s hoping that Mireles and Gordo get a happy ending like Stephanie Roberts and her macaw Max did back in January. After Max was stolen last summer, someone saw the bird in a friend’s house and tipped off police, leading to a happy reunion.

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