An animal hospital was able to track down the dog's owners using his microchip

In just two months, this dog accidentally traveled cross-country and found himself over 1,000 miles away from his owners.

On March 5, Michigan resident Kris Gibson discovered Simba, a two-year-old Perro de Presa Canario, in her backyard while letting her dog outside.

The next day, Gibson brought Simba to the Mayfair Animal Hospital, where the staff scanned the pooch for a microchip and found one, which held information about his owners.

“[Microchips] don’t have any type of GPS in them at all,” Kassidy Gruno, a vet assistant, told CBS-affiliate WNEM. “What a microchip does is it contains your information and your pet’s information.”

After running the chip, the hospital realized Simba had somehow traveled all the way from Miami — over 1,400 miles — to Michigan.

“I couldn’t believe that he was from Florida,” said Gibson. “Still trying to figure out how he got all the way up here. I don’t think we will ever know.”

Gibson and the rest of the hospital staff were shocked at how far Simba had traveled.

“We had all seen recently a story on the news about a dog that was cross country,” Gruno added.

Missing dog from Miami, FL. found in Mid-Michigan
Credit: WNEM TV5/Youtube

“We were like ‘Oh my gosh, that’s so crazy, that would never happen here!’ Then a couple weeks later, here we are. It’s pretty awesome.”

Information in the microchip helped the hospital’s staff find Simba’s rightful owners, who were “very happy” and “excited to get him back,” Gibson told the outlet.

If not for the Simba’s chip, he may never have been returned to his Florida family.

“Dogs get away, sometimes they never find them,” Gibson said. “It’s really one of the only ways you can get your dog back.”