A Real-Life 'Homeward Bound' : Missing Dog Returns Home to Worried Owner with Two Animal Friends

The other two animals tagging along with Bo the black Lab belonged to neighbors of the Krier family

Think of it as Homeward Bound: The Remix.

Kyle Krier and his wife, Laura, of Concordia, Kansas, were distraught when their black Labrador Bo disappeared from their yard one night in January. The dog snuck away for an adventure while outside to go to relieve himself, reports Daily Mail.

Worried that Bo would get into more trouble than he could handle out in the world on his own, the Kriers started looking around their neighborhood for their dog. The family didn’t have any luck until the next morning when they received a call from someone, who had just seen a dog that looked like Bo running around with a few other animals in a field six miles away.

Kyle got in his red truck and drove out to the spot. Soon enough, he spotted the scene his neighbor described. He saw his dog Bo running around followed by two other animals. Kyle called out to Bo and then filmed what happened next.

“My black Lab runs off last night, he’s gone all night, and look who I find him with,” Kyle says in the video of Bo’s return, which now has more than 10 million views on Facebook.

As the strange specks following behind Bo get closer to the camera, it is revealed the other animals are a second dog and “a goat in tow.”

“Hey, goat! You want to get in my truck, too?” Kyle asks the farm animal as it approaches his truck with the other dogs. “Come on, hop in there! Everybody just get in.”

After a wild night in the fields, all three animals seem happy to get a free ride, clambering into the truck one after the other in the clip.

While Bo’s entourage surprised the Krier family, they certainly weren’t strangers to the trio. According to The Dodo, both the dog and goat, named Ozzy and Libby, respectively, belong to the Kriers’ neighbors.

It appears all the animals decided to jailbreak together after curfew, but were spotted before they got into any serious trouble. Bo, Ozzy and Libby are back home uninjured after their eventful night out, and the Kriers have a story so hilariously bizarre, you have to see the video to believe it.

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