Cat Goes Missing for 3 Weeks After Hiding in Recliner Her Owner Returned to a Furniture Store

Pet owner Randi McGlone feared she would never see her beloved Inky again after she realized the cat stowed away in the chair she sent back to a furniture warehouse

Cat returns home after voyage inside recliner
Photo: WSAZ NewsChannel 3

A missing cat has finally reunited with its owner weeks after it burrowed inside a recliner chair that was later returned to a furniture warehouse.

Inky the black cat's bizarre adventure began when Kentucky resident Randi McGlone decided she wasn't a fan of the new recliner she had just bought and decided to return it.

A delivery crew arrived on March 1 to pick up the furniture, but little did they know the piece had a hitchhiker hiding inside. McGlone said that after the workers left her Ashland home with the recliner, she realized Inky was missing.

Speaking with local news outlet WSAZ 3, McGlone said she later got a call from a Big Sandy Superstore employee letting her know Inky had launched out of the chair as soon as workers pulled the recliner from the truck.

But that's not where the story ends because Inky galloped into the furniture warehouse and hid there for nearly three weeks after bounding out of the truck. McGlone told WSAZ 3 she went to the warehouse three times to try and coax out the "emotional support pet" but had no luck.

"I didn't think I'd ever see her again," McGlone said.

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After about three weeks, warehouse workers managed to capture Inky. Once the store secured Inky, they called McGlone to reunite her with the pet.

Cat returns home after voyage inside recliner
WSAZ NewsChannel 3

Inky is now safely back with her owner, who said: "I'm just tickled to death she's home, and emotionally, I feel complete now."

And it seems that felines finding refuge in recliners is not uncommon.

In 2022 PEOPLE reported on another beloved cat who was reunited with his "frantic" owners after he was found hiding in a donated recliner at a Colorado thrift store.

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