Badgers are just like us

By Maria Yagoda
May 28, 2015 05:00 PM

We’ve all been there – famished in the middle of the night, frantically making our way toward the fridge to scavenge for a snack.

But usually we’re raiding our fridge in our home. For this sneaky West Sussex badger who snuck into a man’s home through the cat flap, private property is just a social construct.

Once inside the house of Geoff Taylor – the unsuspecting resident who was quick-thinking enough to film the incident – the badger opened the fridge door and demolished a Bakewell-brand tart. The night before, the badger had accomplished a similarly impressive feat, eating a six-pack of eggs, shells and all.

Taylor’s niece, Emma Barrow, shared the video on social media and said, “People often think that badgers are timid creatures that you only see in the garden at night so this is certainly a shock to see one coming so boldly into a house – especially on two occasions. But we hoped this footage would show people that badgers are real characters, and they can be very bold and cheeky when they get hungry.”

Watch the video: