Forest Grove Police
February 06, 2017 05:43 PM

There are all kinds of issues in the world today, but Forest Grove, Oregon’s problem is truly unique.

For months the Forest Grove Police had been receiving calls about a free-roaming pig, sneaking up from behind the bushes on unsuspecting folks or causing trouble by running into the middle of the street. Though the authorities always responded, they were unable to spot or capture this curly-tailed rabble-rouser.

Then, on Feb. 3, it finally happened. The animal, which the police affectionately named “Piggy Smalls” was captured. The culprit turned out to be a potbellied pig that appears to have no current owner.

“Smalls, alias ‘Notorious,’ has been frequently reported loose to the Forest Grove Police by numerous citizens, his actions having been published several times in the weekly Police Log. He has eluded capture by authorities until now,” the Forest Grove Police wrote on Facebook along with a shot of the pig behind bars

Now that he is in custody, Piggy Smalls will be transferred to an animal rescue away from the city, where he will have room to play, scamper and explore to his heart’s content without fear of bothering anyone.

The police are investigating if Piggy Smalls could possible be a pet or former pet, and they used this “arrest” as a chance to remind animal lovers that pigs are allowed as pets in Forest Grove, but they are expected to follow the same rules of leash and cleanup as those that apply to other animals.

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