The country singer saves new addition Emmy Lou from a ditch

By People Staff
Updated May 26, 2012 10:00 PM

The Lambert-Shelton brood just keeps getting bigger and bigger!

On Thursday, Miranda Lambert introduced her latest rescue puppy, a cutie named Emmy Lou, on Twitter.

“Ok ok I know I need to stop,” she wrote, posting a photo of her cuddling with the furry girl. “But she was in a ditch!”

The newest arrival to the family comes just six months after the country star brought home another dog, Opheila. She adopted the stray after Ophelia wandered onto her and husband Blake Shelton’s property.

But no one is more aware of her obsession with animals than the star herself.

“They just come to me! I’m an animal magnet!” she Tweeted on Thursday shortly after introducing Emmy Lou, posting a photo of her holding a frog.

In addition to Ophelia, Emmy Lou joins the couple’s menagerie, which includes pooches Delta, Delilha, Jessi, Waylon, Virginia Bluebell, Black Betty and Cher.

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