"There's a kitten in the road and I knew you would kill me if I saw it and didn't stop," Miranda Lambert's husband told her
Miranda Lambert
Miranda Lambert
| Credit: Miranda Lambert/Instagram

Miranda Lambert’s love of rescuing animals has rubbed off on her husband!

Over the weekend, the dog-loving country star, 36, revealed that thanks to husband Brendan McLoughlin's vigilance, the couple was able to spot an adorable stray kitten during a drive in Texas.

"Two lane highway in Texas, speed limit 70. Brendan slows down and does a U-turn," Lambert wrote on Instagram, as she recalled asking her husband, “Why are you turning around?"

"There's a kitten in the road and I knew you would kill me if I saw it and didn't stop," she remembered her husband saying. "Well, I guess the rescue ways are rubbing off on him."

In addition to sharing the touching story, Lambert posted a handful of photos of the tiny kitten and his piercing blue eyes. In one image, the country superstar holds up the cat while sitting in a car, while in another, her husband smiles while the cat rests on his shoulder.

Miranda Lambert
Brendan McLoughlin and Tequila the kitten
| Credit: Miranda Lambert/Instagram
Miranda Lambert
Tequila the kitten
| Credit: Miranda Lambert/Instagram

Although the pair are keeping the furry friend — whom they've named Tequila — for themselves, Lambert revealed that the kitten has won her parents in Texas over as well.

"We stopped at mom and dads on the way home. Dad has a new bestie," she continued. "This kitten rode 9 hours back to Nashville with us and 3 dogs and was such a champ."

"He is 4-5 weeks old and weighs 14 ounces," she added. "Y'all welcome Tequila the kitten to the family!"

Tequila's rescue appeared to come at the tail-end of the couple’s recent road trip, which included stops in New York, Oklahoma and Texas.

Lambert revealed last month that after spending so much time together at home in Nashville, the pair were ready to hit the road — and to celebrate, they got a brand-new RV.

"Just because I can't travel and play shows doesn't mean I can’t travel and make music," she explained.

For the first leg of their trip, the couple drove 1,000 miles to New York.

"It was a nice change of pace. Something about the highway is calming, and at the same time keeps you completely focused," she wrote, noting that while she lives "to drive a lot because most of my adult life I've been driven around on a tour bus," the pair took turns behind the wheel.

Earlier this month, Lambert also gave her husband a sweet shout-out for being an amazing “fur dad.”

"Happy Father’s Day to two of the best ones in the world!" she wrote, sharing photographs of her father and the retired NYPD officer.

"Love you Rick Lambert for a million reasons, one being teaching us how to fish. And Brendan, thank you for being a great dad to all of the kids in our lives!" she added. "These two men are my rocks. Wishing all fur dads, stepdads, and father-in-laws the best day!"