March 21, 2015 07:20 PM

Three panda cubs at China’s Chimelong Safari Park, in Guangzhou, are the only surviving panda triplets on Earth, and they are definitely the cutest pandas, period.

A recent video shows the three kids – two boys, one girl – together with their mom, Ju Xiao.

In the clip, she calmly watches them play (panda playing seems to involve a lot of harmless biting) and scoops them up in her arms for some cleaning, even as they look to be none too happy about the attention. Moms!

The triplets were born on July 29, 2014, and have been hailed as a “miracle”, as other recorded triplet births have ended in at least one of the cubs dying. They initially took turns living with mom in five-day cycles, as she couldn’t care for them all at once.

“It is imperative to help the triplets form a good relationship with their mother and keep them in close contact,” a zoo official told the Associated Press in November. “We hope that they can live together if the cubs grow healthily.”

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