Stig the kitten somehow found his way into a recycling plant and onto the conveyor belt

By Kelli Bender
June 09, 2015 06:15 PM

Stig may have cashed out all nine lives when he took a ride through an industrial shredder at a recycling plant.

Staff at the plant in Rainham, Essex, spotted the gray kitten traveling on the conveyor belt towards the machine, but they were too late to help, reports The Mirror.

Site supervisor Daniel Coker watched in horror as the kitten started meowing as it entered the machine used for sorting recyclables. Seconds later, the little cat emerged from the other end of the shredder – totally unharmed.

“I can’t quite believe he survived – what a lucky escape. The machinery was pretty heavy-duty, so it was quite some miracle,” Coker said.

Coker was quick to scoop up the fortunate furball, whom the plant’s staff named Stig, and contacted a nearby shelter for help. Stig is now being cared for by the Danaher Animal Home while he waits to find a forever family.

The plant is unsure how the curious cat ended up on this path of near destruction. It is possible that Stig fell asleep or was abandoned in a recycling bin and wasn’t spotted by the workers picking up the bins.

“The important thing is that he wasn’t hurt, and this kind man spotted him, cared for him, and called us,” Deborah Satchell, manager at Danaher Animal Home said. “Stig is a little anxious for obvious reasons but is doing well, and we hope we can find him a happy new home soon.”