'Minority Report' Star Meagan Good on Her Hairless Cats (and Monkeys!)

The actress was inspired to get her feline friends after seeing Austin Powers

Meagan Good has always loved cats, but there was just one problem: she’s allergic to them.

“I had cats as a kid but when I would play with them, my eyes would well up,” says the Minority Report actress, who is featured in the current issue of PEOPLE.

Resigned to a life without feline friends, Good, 34, discovered there was hope that she could become a cat owner after watching the 1997 comedy Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

“I saw [Dr. Evil’s hairless cat] Mr. Bigglesworth and I said, ‘They have cats like that?!’ So my mom and sister surprised me with one for my birthday one year,” says Good. “I named him Jackson. He was just so small and cute.”

In 2012, Meagan wed producer and motivational speaker DeVon Franklin and added another hairless cat to the family as well.

“I got Malcom because my husband kept saying that he was going to name our first child Malcom. “I said, ‘That is never going to happen,’ ” says Good. “So the week that we got married, I gave Malcom to him in a little Malcom X leather jacket and said, ‘Here’s your Malcom.’ “

But the animal lover didn’t stop growing her family with Malcom.

“When I turned 30, I thought, ‘What could I do that is outrageous for my birthday this year?’ And I’d always wanted a monkey, so I decided to get one,” Good says of deciding to adopt Esther, a marmoset. “Once I had her for a few months, I decided she needed a brother. It’s upsetting for them to be alone. They are wild animals and they get emotional and upset.”

So Good added another marmoset, Rocky, to the big, happy family.

“They got along great,” Good says of her four pets. “Esther and Rocky would play with Malcom because he’s small like them. Jackson is a little bit bigger, so I didn’t let them play with him because I didn’t want them accidentally getting hurt because they are so small.”

But, sadly, when Good accepted the lead role in the new Fox drama Minority Report, that meant shooting in Vancouver, which meant leaving her animals behind.

“After three years, I just had to give them away to a friend because they get too emotional when you leave them. That’s unfair to them,” says Good. “So my friend built an entire little jungle for them in her living room and she’s taking care of them now.”

Good was sad to say goodbye to Esther and Rocky, but she wasn’t the only one.

“They miss them,” she says of Malcom and Jackson.

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