Sarik's nose led him to the drugs, which were packed in sealed containers underground

By Amy Jamieson
Updated October 14, 2016 12:43 PM

Sarik may be the oldest police dog serving St. Paul, Minnesota, but he’s still got new tricks.

The specially-trained K9 sniffed out 9 lbs. of methamphetamine from a flower bed on Saturday, according to the Star Tribune, which reported the story. The drugs were packed in sealed containers inside of a cooler.

Officer Pat Murphy and his canine partner were searching the outside of a suspected drug house when the dog detected something near the flower bed, WCCO News said.

“He started making sharp turns, trying to figure out where it was actually coming from,” Murphy told WCCO. “It’s very unusual to have something buried like that, so it was harder for him to pinpoint exactly where it was.”

The Star Tribune said a digger at the scene had fresh dirt on it and police also found a sales receipt for flowers. (Raul Mejia-Lopez and Adriana Aguilar Gonzalez were arrested and charged with drug possession in the case.)

With the effort taken to conceal the drugs, it’s remarkable Sarik’s nose told him where to go. “There was a plastic garbage bag with a soft-side cooler, and then there was individually-wrapped Tupperware things that were about 1-in. deep maybe, 4- or 5-in. long, and then those things were sealed in like a vacuum sealer,” Murphy told WCCO News.

Perhaps Sarik’s find is a swan song, of sorts — the pup, one of 18 on the force, will retire this winter and live with Murphy, the station reports.

“That’s a very large success,” Murphy marveled. “I’ve been a police officer 21 years. I’ve only seen that amount maybe three or four times.”