Miniature Horse and Great Dane Bond Over Their Similar Size and Spots, and Become Best Friends

Skye the Great Dane and Hot Fudge Sundae the mini horse became friends fast after meeting at their owner's farm in Texas

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Photo: Kennedy News/@thecre8ivechick

This mini horse and Great Dane look so similar that people struggle to spot the difference between the best pals who sport matching markings and are the same size.

Giant pooch Skye has been infatuated with miniature gelding Hot Fudge Sundae, known as Fudge, since the pair met in December 2020.

Due to the unlikely duo measuring the same height from floor to shoulder — 31 inches — and their near-identical brown and white coloring, the animals look like twins. Not only do they look similar, but Skye, 1, and Fudge, 12, love spending time together and hugging each other closely.

"The questions I get most about the pair of them is 'which one is the horse' or 'is that a really big dog or a really tiny horse,' " the animals' owner Ilonka, who lives in Texas, told SWNS.

"Skye definitely has a different relationship with Fudge and my other mini horses than my first Great Dane," the owner added. "She's always looking to hang out with Fudge, and they're always playing or hugging each other. Skye adores him and wants to be around Fudge all the time."

Skye wasn't always obsessed with other animals.

"She was terrified of the horses when she was a puppy and would even hide her face in my neck while I tried to introduce her," Ilonka said. "Now, she always wants to hug them, especially the mini horses like Fudge because they're the perfect size for her.

"I think horses and dogs are very similar in general, and these two are the same. Skye and Fudge love to work and train together," the owner said of what brought best friends together. "They would be bored if they were just in the backyard grazing and are always looking forward to doing something together."

"Whether that is working in the arena or simply trotting to the truck, they always want to be in the same place," she added.

Despite being the same height, the furry friends aren't quite the same size. Fudge weighs over 180 pounds, while Skye tips the scales at about 108 pounds.

Artist Ilonka brought Fudge home in 2017 while her husband was out of town and didn't tell him until he returned.

"He was out of town for a couple of days with our son, so I packed up my two dogs at the time and drove five hours to get Fudge," she said. "I spoke to him on the phone and told him I had gone on a little road trip and got myself a hot fudge sundae. He had no idea I wasn't talking about the dessert until he returned home and saw the new horse."

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"We got Skye last year when she was a young puppy after we lost our first Great Dane, Taz, in May 2020," Ilonka said of when the large dog joined her family. "Skye almost didn't make it as she was the tiniest runt of the litter and was half the size of her siblings. But she pulled through."

"She definitely has a different relationship with the horses than Taz. He was more intimidated by them, but Skye loves them all, Fudge especially," the owner added.

Skye and Fudge's unusual friendship has attracted a lot of interest online, with videos of the pair gaining more than 2.4 million views.

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