19 Lb. Miniature Horse Abandoned by Mom Finds Loving Home with 3 French Bulldogs in San Diego

Peabody the miniature horse is currently living in a San Diego home with a mini horse trainer and her three friendly French bulldogs

This tiny horse was abandoned by his mother because he was too small to nurse from her, but he now lives a life of luxury indoors — with his three canine best friends.

Six-week-old Peabody, the miniature horse, is smaller than most dogs and weighs just 19 pounds, far tinier than the average size for his species.

"Peabody is the smallest horse in the world at his age," his owner, Faith Smith, 55, a miniature horse trainer from San Diego, California, told SWNS.

"Horses are never indoor animals, but Peabody is so small that he could never live outside unless he gets bigger, and we're not sure if he will," Smith added. "At present, he lives inside the house with the dogs."

smallest horse

Peabody's original owners told Smith that the vet suggested having the little horse euthanized after he didn't wean from his mother, but Smith wouldn't hear of it.

Even though Peabody's jaw was out of line, he couldn't walk, and his original owners thought the mini horse was deaf and blind, Smith knew the little animal deserved a chance.

Smith rented a van and drove across the country to adopt Peabody; And since the adoption, Peabody's head has grown, and his jaw has aligned.

smallest horse

He has also learned to walk and can see perfectly fine, and despite being deaf, Peabody has adjusted well to his new home.

"I'll keep him forever, but I hope he gets bigger so he can go out with other horses," Smith added. "Otherwise, he's just gonna be a house horse."

When Smith first brought Peabody into her home, the young mini horse was nervous around her three french bulldogs.

smallest horse

She said: "In the beginning, he was really in survival mode. He was just too scared for love. But he gets along with the dogs now."

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"Now that he knows where his next meal is coming from, he's starting to play with the dogs more and has let his guard down. He's thinking now maybe he'll be cared for in a way that he'll survive."

Smith's next goal for Peabody is to get the miniature horse potty trained.

"We currently have a little section where we have the dog pee pads. So we're trying to train him to go there," she said.

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