Peace Winds Japan/Twitter
July 12, 2018 03:18 PM

Animals and roofs, there seems to be some kind of magnetism between the two.

In the case of Leaf the 9-year-old mini horse, she likely sought out the high perch after she was washed away by the flood waters on July 6, reports Fox News.

The horse, who works as a therapy animal Life Town Mabi aged care facility in Kakehashi, Japan’s Okayama Prefecture got caught in the torrential rain that hit the region last week.

Leaf’s caretakers had to release the horse and her colt Earth from the facility when devastating flood waters rushed into the area, causing a mandatory evacuation for all residents. Three days after the rains and floods, there was still no sign of Leaf, causing many searching for her to believe she was dead.

Peace Winds Japan/Twitter

Thankfully, a rescue team for Peace Winds Japan, a nonprofit organization that aids in disaster relief efforts, spotted Leaf stuck on a local roof while making their way to evacuation center, according to Japan Times.

Peace Winds Japan/Twitter

The rescue team was able to get Leaf down from the two-meter height without serious injury. The therapy animal is now back on land and accepting carrots from her caring fans at a local farm that was less affected by the floods than Life Town Mabi.

Unfortunately, there is still no sign of Leaf’s colt, who is less than a year old. In an effort to reunite the mare mom with Earth, local residents and animal lovers are posting photos of the colt to social media, in hopes someone will recognize the animal.

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