The yet-to-be-named new addition was born at the Wisconsin zoo on April 13
baby camel
Credit: Milwaukee County Zoo/Facebook

The Milwaukee County Zoo has welcomed a new little bundle of joy!

On April 13, a male Bactrian camel was born at the Wisconsin zoo, the facility announced in a press release. Born to 9-year-old mother Addie-Jean — better known as A.J. — and 8-year-old father Stan, the new addition is "doing well" and "appears to be very strong," per the zoo's staff.

The new baby camel marks A.J. and Stan's third offspring together. The couple has two other sons: Jethro, born in 2019; and George, born in 2017. Both Jethro and George have since moved to other zoos, so this new arrival will get all of his parents' attention.

Shortly after his birth, which took place in the zoo's outdoor camel habitat, the baby camel was spotted moving around on his own and spotted nursing from his mom on various occasions throughout the day. The newborn camel underwent a neonatal exam earlier in the week, where he weighed in at 94 lbs.

According to the zoo, Bactrian camels can grow up to 7 feet tall and weigh up to 1,800 pounds. The camels, which are native to central Asia, can be distinguished from other species of camel by their two humps — other camel species only have one hump.

Though he is considered to be at a "good" and "healthy" weight for a newborn, the zoo added that he is slightly smaller than the last male born to the zoo's other female camel, Sanchi.

As long as A.J.'s new calf continues on his positive growth path, he will make his public debut in the Milwaukee County Zoo's outdoor Camel Yard alongside his parents soon.