Jules is now being hailed as a hero

By Kelli Bender
October 05, 2015 06:49 PM

They must’ve missed the “Beware of Dog” sign on the way in. 

Sure, Jules the 20-pound French bulldog doesn’t have the stereotypical burly guard dog look, but her courageous spirit and bark were enough to scare three bears off the porch of her family’s California home. 

According Q13, security cameras outside Jules’ house caught the canine chasing away a trio of much larger 1-year-old bears. In the clip, the little hero refuses to allow the other animals anywhere near the front door, nipping at the furry group’s ankles until they are forced to jump over the fence and find yards with less stringent loitering policies. 

After watching the footage, Jules’ owner rewarded her canine head of security with a long bath and her favorite treat.