May 18, 2009 09:04 PM

On any given day, most cats hope to scratch a post, drink some milk and take a nap. But Midge, a one-eyed rescue cat who lives in the British village of Wrose, is really going places. The 12-year-old, who lives with parish councillor Martin Humphreys, is an all-star runner, out-pacing her owner on jogs to and from the grocery store, around the block and anywhere else her four legs take her. “One time I decided to run with her,” Humphreys tells the Daily Mail. “I tried to overtake her and this most astonishing thing happened. She accelerated – and wouldn’t let me beat her!”

Realizing his cat was one-of-a-kind, Humphreys set out to tell her story. After winning 1,000 pounds in a work contest, he decided to use the money to make a short film about his amazing feline. This past weekend, he presented his film The Great Escape at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Though the flick won’t be up for any honors, Humphreys hopes it will bring awareness to Midge’s story – and possibly a big movie deal. “She would make a great heroine and I really think it could be one of the greatest children’s films of all time,” says Humphreys.

Watch the trailer for The Great Escape above!

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