The actor's monogrammed shoes pay tribute to his deceased dog


Mickey Rourke was spotted at London’s Groucho Club on July 20 – but he wasn’t alone. He had the memory of his beloved Chihuahua Loki, who passed in February at age 17, with him every step of the way thanks to a pair of loafers emblazoned with the dog’s name.

It’s not the first time the dog-lover and Oscar nominee has given a shout-out to Loki through his threads. Just after the pup’s death, he wore a custom-made “Loki from New York-based jewelry designer Betina Wassermann to the Oscars.

Rourke’s shoes are a unique reminder of his pooch: It’s a sweet thought knowing that he can look down at his feet and always see a little Loki.

Tell us: How have you memorialized your pet?

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