The actor and dog lover coos over a Pomeranian at a Manhattan pet store with Russian model Elena Kuletskaya

By Amy Jamieson
Updated November 30, 2009 10:23 PM

Mickey Rourke and reported model girlfriend Elena Kuletskaya now have a furry buddy to accompany them around New York City – a 5-month-old male Pomeranian that they picked up at Parrots & Pups pets store in Manhattan on Saturday evening.

“They just came in and the paparazzi had blocked the front door,” Josh Mash, a salesman at the store tells “I asked them if they wanted to see a dog and they picked the Pomeranian.”

The fluffy pooch, pictured at right with Rourke and Kuletskaya on Saturday, is not trained yet, says Mash. The pair spent about 45 minutes in the store getting to know the dog and filling out paperwork.

“We have a play pen set up in the store and they played in the back with it,” he says. “There’s a few basic supplies we have to give with the puppy, but apart from that, they didn’t really need anything else … I didn’t need to tell them too much. He’s an owner of some small dogs himself; he’s pretty experienced in it.”

Rourke, who thanked his fleet of canines early this year when he accepted a Golden Globe for his role in The Wrestler, bonded with Mash over Chihuahuas.

“He started talking about his Chihuahua [Loki],” Mash says. “He told me that he had been out after a night and he had come home and she waited for him to get home until she died … I own a Chihuahua myself and if you’re a Chihuahua person, you’re a Chihuahua person. They’re unlike any other friend you’ll ever have. “

Holly Hemingway, manager of the shop, says Kuletskaya was bowled over by the fluffy Pomeranian she took home. “Sometimes a dog just speaks to you, they just say, ‘take me’ and that’s what happens,” she says. “They just clicked.”