July 27, 2015 07:45 PM

Please take a moment to turn on the Hawaii Five-0 theme song, because this is a tropical caper perfectly suited for Danno and the gang.

On Friday, a Siamese cat found in Hawaii was reunited with his family in Detroit, Michigan, reports KHON2.

Over 19 months ago, the family, who were moving from Hawaii to Michigan, lost their beloved feline, Bogie, in the process when he escaped from his kennel on a United Cargo Hold flight.

The relocated family had given up hope of finding the feline again, until Oahu resident Bill Antilla followed a hunch. Antilla is a volunteer with Hawaii CatFriends, a nonprofit that cares for and helps control Hawaii’s feral cat population. He often feeds a colony of stray cats that live by the Honolulu airport.

Several months ago, the volunteer noticed a well-kept, friendly cat join the usual strays he sees each week.

“He looked like a purebred Siamese cat,” said Antilla.

Curious how such a sociable feline ended up on the streets, Antilla borrowed a microchip scanner and checked the Siamese for a chip. He found what he was looking for: The friendly kitty turned out to be Bogie, and his microchip showed the cat’s family was now living in the Great Lake state. Antilla reached out to the family soon after his discovery.

“Probably about 30 minutes later, I received a call from the daughter. She was just ecstatic we found Bogie,” Antilla said.

United Airlines was also happy to hear that Bogie was found alive and well, with spokesperson Charles Hobart releasing this statement:

“Our agents were working to secure the door of the kennel with plastic ties to ensure Bogie’s safety throughout the flight. However, during this process the cat escaped from his kennel. Our teams searched for the cat and put up posters in the surrounding areas. We are overjoyed that Bogie has been reunited with his owner.”

CatFriends entrusted Bogie to United Cargo Hold once more. This time the company had no issue getting the kitty to his new home in Michigan. Bogie is said to be ecstatic to be surrounded by his loving family once again.

Antilla hopes this amazing incident serves as a reminder to pet owners to have their animals microchipped.

“If he wasn’t microchipped, he would not have made his way home,” said Antilla.

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