A cop’s dashboard cam caught him helping a skunk stuck in a tricky situation

By Kelli Bender
Updated August 03, 2015 07:50 PM

It’s a hard life when you shoot foul-smelling liquid from your hind quarters anytime a new person wants to get close to you. It’s difficult to get help from others, and dating is next to impossible.

Luckily, one baby skunk was able to find a savior in this cruel world.

On Sunday, an adorable black and white stinker got stuck in its brunch of half-eaten yogurt, then ended up blindly wandering the streets of Rochester, Michigan.

That is, until a hero in uniform came along. According to The Detroit News, police officer Merlin Taylor spied the stuck skunk while driving through the area. Dedicated to assisting all in need, no matter how smelly, Taylor stopped the car to help out the little critter, and thankfully the cop’s dash cam caught it all.

In the video, Taylor puts on a rubber glove and carefully approaches the skunk, who is busy running around in confused spirals. In one quick move, the officer removes the cup and runs away to prevent from getting sprayed.

Then the man swings the animal up into his arms and the skunk smiles and coyly removes his hat, putting it on its head instead. And they both grin as they walk into the sunset to start their new lives together. Or is that the ending to An Officer and a Gentleman? Always get those two confused.

Regardless, both the officer and the baby skunk left the meeting unharmed.