The Gossip Girl star says her Frenchie will turn it on for the cameras


In Mya’s French bulldog mind, she is the star, not her mom, Michelle Trachtenberg.

“I like to call her a showbiz bitch,” the Gossip Girl actress told at The Creative Coalition and WWE’s “be a STAR” launch in Washington, D.C. in April. “She flaunts for the cameras.”

Trachtenberg, who lives in New York, sees evidence of this when she takes Mya out on her regular walks. While Mya may be “the most amazing dog ever,” she has her idiosyncrasies, like occasionally pulling on her leash, or being finicky about where she handles her business.

“I kid you not, the second she hears the distant click of a paparazzi long lens, that bitch starts posin’!” Trachtenberg said, with apparent pride. “She’s kicking out her butt, she starts preening and turning her head. She won’t poo-poo and pee-pee in front of the cameras. She’ll sit there and lounge on the sidewalk, and I’m like, ‘Mya, Momma wants to go home now.’”

Trachtenberg is aware of the cameras, but doesn’t care about them quite as much as her pooch.

“I get dressed at 50 percent,” she said of her dogwalking attire. “I’m still going to rock a sweat because, seriously, calm down. But I’m not going to look like a hot mess. It’s somewhere between kind-of-cute sorority girl and hot mess.”

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