Michelle Obama Shares Pics of Bo and Sunny on National Dog Day: 'I Love These Two Balls of Fur'

The presidential pets love to cuddle on the couch and play in the yard

It’s no secret that Michelle Obama loves her fur babies — and she’s celebrating them on National Dog Day!

The former first lady shared a few pictures of the Obama family’s dogs, Bo and Sunny, on Monday on both her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

“Whether they’re cuddling up with me on the couch or rolling around in the backyard, I love these two balls of fur. Happy #NationalDogDay to Bo and Sunny!” she wrote alongside the pictures, which show the Portugese water dogs frolicking under clear blue skies.

The Obamas welcomed male pup Bo to their family in 2009, shortly after Barack Obama was inaugurated for the first time. The dog was a gift to Barack and Michelle’s daughters, Sasha and Malia, from Senator Ted Kennedy, according to the Presidential Pet Museum.

Sunny, a female pooch, joined the family in 2013.

Obama family dogs
Bo Obama. Michelle Obama/Twitter
Obama family dogs
Michelle Obama/Twitter
Obama family dogs
Michelle Obama/Twitter

“Sunny is the perfect little sister for Bo — full of energy and very affectionate — and the First Family picked her name because it fit her cheerful personality,” the White House said when Sunny was adopted, per the Presidential Pet Museum.

After the Obamas moved out of the White House in 2017, Bo and Sunny needed some time to adjust to living in a “regular” home in Washington, D.C. One of the biggest surprises for the pups was the addition of a doorbell, Michelle told Sarah Jessica Parker on the last stop on her Becoming book tour last December.

Obama family dogs
The Obama Family. Pete Souza/Getty Images

“Bo and Sunny were like, ‘What’s that?’” Michelle told the crowd at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, pointing out that the presidential pets didn’t grow up with the familiar ding-dong. “They’re just now going to the door when the doorbell rings. It’s taken them two years. It’s the door, people are coming.”

On Easter this year, Barack shared a family photo on Instagram that included Sunny and Bo, and back in 2016 he shared a sweet photo of himself giving Sunny some belly rubs for National Pet Day.

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