The duo commemorates the second anniversary of President Obama's inauguration

To commemorate the two-year anniversary of President Obama’s inauguration, the White House had two special surprises for the people taking tours through its halls today: First Lady Michelle Obama, and First Dog Bo!

Wearing a tailored gray sheath, Mrs. Obama shook hands and hugged the White House guests, while Bo – wearing his usual uniform – alternated between standing at attention and sitting down.

“He’s getting big,” Mrs. Obama told one group, referring to 2-year-old Bo’s size. “Hopefully, this is it.”

Despite the hundreds of people streaming through the greeting room, Bo looked right at home.

“He’s so well-behaved,” remarked one visitor.

“He is. He’s used to people,” Mrs. Obama replied. “Smart, and good with people and kids. He has a good temperament.”

One young visitor, suffering from a sprained ankle and sitting in a wheelchair, got some special attention from the Portuguese water dog. “Bo’s even feeling your sympathy,” Mrs. Obama said of the attention. “[He’s saying,] ‘I’m so concerned. Do you see she is injured?’”

The visitors all seemed genuinely surprised by the presence of the First Family members. One guest even started crying spontaneously. After the shock had registered, she got another jolt when she saw Bo.

“He’s not moving!” she said.

“He’s real!” Mrs. Obama assured her. “They don’t even think you’re real, Bo!”