The singer-songwriter couldn’t resist the little Maine Coon’s eyes

By Helin Jung
Updated May 29, 2011 05:00 PM

Michelle Branch is many things: singer, songwriter, guitarist, mom, baker – even backyard chicken farmer! And now, she can add cat owner to the list.

On the day before sharing her new single, “Loud Music,” with fans, Branch debuted something a little fuzzier.

“Uh oh. Just found a baby kitty that needs a home,” she Tweeted. “It’s a Maine Coon too. [My husband] Teddy’s gonna kill me!”

She followed the message with another one that simply read, “Uh oh.” Attached was a photo of the kitten looking up from her carrier, her eyes peering up at the camera. PHOTOS: Hollywood’s Secret Cat Ladies!

Potential scolding aside, Branch couldn’t resist.

“Well, happy to say, kitty came home with me!!!” Branch announced.

So where did the kitten come from? “We adopted her from the local feed store,” Branch tells PEOPLE Pets. “We love her and she’s asleep in my lap as we speak.”

The lucky kitty has since been named Neko, which means cat in Japanese.