Attention Fans of 'The Office' : There's a Cat Version of Michael Scott on Instagram

Like Steve Carell's character, Michael Scott the cat adores paper and loves distracting his co-workers

Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galatica … and black cats.

The Office may be over — thank goodness for reunions — but one cat is keeping the series’s memory alive on Instagram.

Meet Michael Scott the cat, the feline version of Dunder Mifflin’s favorite regional manager. This black rescue cat has over 3,000 followers on his Instagram @DunderKitten, where he reenacts Office fans’ favorite moments from the show.

Like his namesake, this Michael Scott always dons a suit and tie, adores papers and loves to distract his co-workers. The DunderKitten Instagram is filled with memorable quotes from Steve Carell‘s character matched with adorable shots of Michael Scott the cat hard at work.

To learn more about this pawesome account and how Michael Scott came up with this fluffy tribute to The Office, PEOPLE talked to the insta-famous feline’s owner Brittney Jernstrom.


How did Michael Scott come into your life?

We came across Michael Scott when he was a tiny kitten, along with his brother and mama. They were strays in my neighborhood, so we fed and tamed them and the rest is history.

Why did you give him the name Michael Scott?

Early on we noticed he acted more eccentric than any of the other cats we’d ever owned. He would perform crazy stupid antics just to be the center of attention. He had a big personality. He was socially incompetent. He was affectionate, but loud and often obnoxious. He’d do a lot of the same/similar things that Steve Carell’s character would do if he were a cat. He even has the same hair and eye color as the actual Michael Scott.


What is his personality like?

He definitely has the Michael Scott personality going for him, and he lives up to his name even more so as time goes on. He’s super clingy and almost always feels the need to be the center of attention. He’s unnecessarily dramatic. Clumsy. Practices his parkour (running like a maniac all around the house) every morning and evening. Lives in his own little fantasy world. Would rather be both feared and loved. Has to be liked and needs to be praised. He’ll sit and just stare at you through the blinds. He climbs up on the roof and sits at the edge hoping you’ll pay attention to him. Purrs when you spin him around in a desk chair. Loves (playing) with paper. I’ve put some of Michael’s photos side-by-side with Steve’s and even their facial expressions are hilariously similar. I work from home, so he drops by my desk a lot to distract me from working. Pretty sure he actually thinks he’s the boss of me and the other pets.


How did you come up with the idea for your Instagram?

I randomly thought of the name Dunder Kitten about a year ago and how it would be the perfect username if Mike had an Instagram. The handle fortunately wasn’t taken, so I immediately set up the account. I thought it’d be a fun little outlet to post photos of him along with Office quotes. It also made a great place to share as many cat pictures as I wanted without annoying my friends on my regular account.

How do you get Michael to dress up and pose for photos?

Super easily; he actually LOVES wearing his tie. A big part of it is that he knows it brings him attention so he just eats it up. He even loves the photoshoots. We have a few designated spots around the house we take pictures in and sometimes he’ll go there and just sit and pose on his own, waiting for me to take pics of him.


What has the reaction been?

People have loved it! I get comments all the time about how much Mike makes their day. His account is a lot of people’s most favorite.

Has anyone from the show seen it?

A few of them have! Hidetoshi Imura, who played Hide from the warehouse, follows and engages often with cat Mike’s account. Melora Hardin, who played Jan, and David Koechner, who played Packer, have also liked some of his photos.


What plans does Michael Scott have for the future?

It’d be pretty hilarious to one day get Michael to meet Steve Carell and get a picture of him holding him. Other than that, we’ll see how life goes!

What do you hope others take away from DunderKitten?

I hope that Michael can continue to make people smile and help brighten their day.

I also hope that, through seeing his account, more people are encouraged to adopt black cats. On average they are the least likely to get chosen and often get overlooked at shelters. I hope to show through Michael, that black cats are just as lovable! He was a stray who became a fantastic pet filled with personality. Maybe after people come across his account, they’ll be more encouraged to take them in and abandon the false stigmas about them being “bad luck.”

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