June 28, 2012 03:00 PM

Thriller, a tiger that once belonged to the King of Pop, died June 11 of lung cancer at the Shambala Preserve in Acton, Calif. She was 13.

The 375-lb. tiger was very popular with visitors, according to actress Tippi Hedren, who founded the wildlife preserve in 1983 as a home for abandoned exotic felines.

“She was not a diva and didn’t mug for the camera,” she told the Associated Press. “We all loved her for it.”

The tiger and her brother Sabu, who survives her at the preserve, were born in 1998 and lived with Michael Jackson until May 4, 2006. When the singer left Neverland, his vet asked the animal activist to take in the tigers. Hedren built a $79,000 habitat for them next to a lake where they had a great life, the report said.

Jackson never called to check in on his cats or send money while they were living there, Hedren told the AP.

A necropsy was performed and Thriller has been cremated. Her ashes will be buried at the preserve during a private service.

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