Michael Jackson's Former Neverland Ranch Elephant Escapes New Home at Florida Zoo

Ali the bull elephant was outside his enclosure for about 20 minutes

Ali, are you okay? So, Ali, are you okay? Are you okay, Ali?

That’s what Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens staffers wanted to know when their bull elephant Ali was no longer in his enclosure on Sunday.

The smooth pachyderm criminal managed to sneak out of his exhibit at the Florida zoo through a door that was accidentally left open. The elephant, who used to live on the grounds Neverland Ranch with Michael Jackson, didn’t get very far in his escapee adventure.

Ali “ended up in a courtyard behind the giraffe and elephant barn. While guests were never in danger, safety protocols went into place and Zoo staff immediately jumped into action to get the big guy back where he belonged. His keepers were able to quickly and safely walk Ali back into his enclosure with some food encouragement,” zoo staff wrote on Facebook about the incident.

Ali was outside his enclosure for about 20 minutes. He has been at the zoo since 1997, the year he made his move from the Neverland Ranch to the facility.

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Ali was one of many unusual pets that Jackson kept at Neverland Ranch before he left the sprawling estate around 2004. Other creatures that shared space with the deceased superstar include flamingoes, tigers and, most famously, Bubbles the chimpanzee, who now lives at Florida’s Center of Great Apes and enjoys painting.

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