The Meow Mix jingle is getting R&B, Metal, Country and Latin remixes

By Kelli Bender
November 08, 2019 10:00 AM

Think of it as a “Meow Remix”.

The iconic Meow Mix jingle, first introduced almost 50 years ago, has long helped cat owners remember that Meow Mix is the food that felines ask for by name.

And while cats still like Meow Mix today, some of their other tastes have changed, like their tastes in music. To help cater to the mouths and ears of all kitties, Meow Mix is introducing several new versions of their jingle, including R&B, Metal and Latin remixes of the famous meow song.

The R&B remix even has its own feline-focused music video, and PEOPLE got a exclusive first look at this furry creation.

In the new spot, featured above, a stunning feline star name Luna meows out the new jingle while sandwiched between glamorous back-up meowers and digging through a little box full of diamonds.

If this clip isn’t enough cat crooning for you, don’t worry! Meow Mix has a country music jingle and video coming soon. This upcoming video and the Luna spot were both directed by veteran music video director Joseph Kahn.

You and your cat should keep an eye out for these spots on TV, and be prepared to get this timeless jingle stuck in your head all over again.