May 21, 2011 02:00 AM

The Mentalist star Robin Tunney knew her dog had talent, but she never expected that he’d snag a plum role in her latest movie, See Girl Run.

“I wanted him to get, like, a small part in it,” the actress explained on The Talk Thursday. “At the end of the rehearsal [the director] was like, ‘Look, I think he should be the lead dog in the movie.’

Tunney admits she had mixed emotions about her pup being top dog. “I don’t know if I kinda got upset because I felt protective or I’m afraid I’m going to be upstaged,” she said with a laugh. “And he’s going to turn out to be like Benji and I’m just going to be his handler.”

Click above to see Tunney talk about her pup’s new acting gig.

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