July 23, 2018 02:19 PM

Megyn Kelly is mourning the loss of a longtime friend.

On Friday, the Today host announced that her family dog, Basha, had died.

“I had 14 beautiful years with her,” she wrote on Twitter. “I am so terribly sad, but also so grateful for the love this little creature brought into my life.”

She spoke further about her loss on Today on Monday, telling the audience she’d had “a really emotional weekend.” However, Basha’s passing also brought her hope.

“I posted it on Twitter, and you know, Twitter can be so nasty,” Kelly, 47, said. “But it was so lovely these past couple of days. I’m so grateful for all the kindness that I received from everyone.

“It’s fitting,” she continued, “that this dog who brought so much joy into my life, so much love, on her way out, sort of added more in showing me the goodness in humanity.”

Citing the “people of all different stripes” who follow her on Twitter, Kelly said that Republicans and Democrats “were uniformly in agreement, full of love and kindness and empathy” in their replies to her tweet about Basha’s death. “I just thought it was a nice moment, in a way.”

Kelly also implored pet lovers to “take a moment to appreciate [your pets] while you can. Hug your little dog, your little cat, whoever it is who loves you,” she said through tears, remembering her happy times with Basha. “I will miss her terribly.”

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