Megyn Kelly Brings Home a New Puppy 1 Year After Her Beloved Family Dog Basha Died

"Losing Basha last summer was hard but Thunder has brought a lot of love to our home," Megyn Kelly's husband Douglas Brunt wrote

Douglas Brunt
Photo: douglas Brunt/Twitter

Megyn Kelly has welcomed a new furry friend into her home!

A little over a year after losing her beloved dog Basha, Kelly, 48, and her husband Douglas Brunt brought home a new pooch named Thunder, who seemed to fit in quickly with their family of five.

Brunt shared multiple snaps of the family’s new pup on Twitter on Tuesday that showed Thunder soaking up lots of snuggles, love, walks and playtime with the couple and their three children — daughter Yardley, 8, and sons Edward, 9, and Thatcher, 6.

“Meet the newest member of our family, Thunder, named by our kids,” the New York Times bestselling author, 47, wrote beside a photo of his wife happily holding the pup in her arms.

“Losing Basha last summer was hard but Thunder has brought a lot of love to our home,” Brunt continued. “She’s already a mommy’s girl and has Megyn’s beautiful spirit.”

Douglas Brunt
Megyn Kelly and Thunder. douglas Brunt/Twitter

Another photo sweetly captured Kelly holding Thunder as she gently nibbled on her hand. “These two ladies bring us nothing but JOY,” Brunt captioned the shot.

Other snaps taken by Brunt featured Thunder enjoying some time with her human siblings.

One image showed Yardley on her hands and knees beside Thunder, with the caption, “Our kids are getting good time with Thunder.”

Another photo was taken as Kelly and Brunt’s son lounged next to the panting puppy. In the caption of the shot, Brunt continued, “…and even helping out with the dog walks.”

Douglas Brunt
Yardley and Thunder. douglas Brunt/Twitter
Douglas Brunt
Thunder with his human brother. douglas Brunt/Twitter

The final two adorable shots showed Brunt enjoying “some quality time” with his new pooch as they snuggled in an armchair and a close-up of the puppy’s face, sure to melt the hearts of anyone.

“Here’s a close up of our beautiful girl. Nothing so good as having our whole family together – it’s been a great summer. Lots of love to all,” Brunt tweeted alongside the precious image.

Though the pooch’s breed was not mentioned in any of Brunt’s posts, Thunder appears to be a young English yellow lab.

Douglas Brunt
Douglas Brunt and Thunder. douglas Brunt/Twitter
Douglas Brunt
Thunder. douglas Brunt/Twitter

Thunder’s arrival at the Kelly-Brunt household comes a little over a year after their last family dog, Basha, died.

Kelly announced the sad news in a tweet on July 20, 2018, where she also expressed her gratitude for the many years she shared with Basha.

“I had 14 beautiful years with her,” she wrote. “I am so terribly sad, but also so grateful for the love this little creature brought into my life.”

Kelly later spoke further about the loss on Today, telling the audience she’d had “a really emotional weekend.”

Despite the tragic circumstances, Kelly revealed that Basha’s passing also brought her hope.

“I posted it on Twitter, and you know, Twitter can be so nasty,” Kelly said. “But it was so lovely these past couple of days. I’m so grateful for all the kindness that I received from everyone.

“It’s fitting,” she continued, “that this dog who brought so much joy into my life, so much love, on her way out, sort of added more in showing me the goodness in humanity.”

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Citing the “people of all different stripes” who follow her on Twitter, Kelly said that Republicans and Democrats “were uniformly in agreement, full of love and kindness and empathy” in their replies to her tweet about Basha’s death.

“I just thought it was a nice moment, in a way,” she noted.

Kelly also implored pet lovers to “take a moment to appreciate [your pets] while you can. Hug your little dog, your little cat, whoever it is who loves you,” she said through tears, remembering her happy times with Basha. “I will miss her terribly.”

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