The unusual animal is actually two conjoined tortoises

By People Staff
Updated March 06, 2012 09:00 PM

These two Central Asian tortoise heads would probably like to go their separate ways, but they can’t.

“Strictly speaking it isn’t a tortoise with two heads, but rather two conjoined tortoises,” zoologist Yuri Yuravliov told the AFP of this unique animal, currently on display at an exhibition in Kiev, Russia.

The two-headed, two-hearted, six-legged tortoise was born in captivity and has survived for five years. In natural conditions, the tortoise, which has only one intestine, would not survive.

The fact that they share the same body hasn’t kept the two heads from having independent desires. “Each has its own character, so they often want to crawl in different directions,” exhibition organizer Dmitry Tkachev said to Russian news media.

The left head is the dominant one, and likes green food, while the right one likes bright foods like carrots and dandelion flowers.

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