November 15, 2013 11:30 AM

We think Katy Perry would app-purr-rove!

Singer/bassist Kate Davis has put her own spin on Perry’s hit song “Roar” by taking the pop song one step furrier, er, further: She filmed a folk version of the ditty at a New York City animal shelter.

Shot Nov. 2 at the Humane Society of New York in midtown Manhattan, Davis and her band – which includes guitarist Gabe Schnider and drummer Conor Szymanski – performed the song in a room full of adorable and very adoptable felines, many of whom rock out as the sweet songstress belts out the tune. And by rock out, we mean go all acrobatic on a cat tree and knead lovingly on a blanket. photo editor Tiffany Hagler-Geard was there for the taping (jealous much?) and shot these photos of the kitty costars. Interested in singing sweet nothings into any of these tiny ears? Fill out an application for adoption on the Humane Society’s website.


Best described as “a playful lil fur ball,” Chester makes the most of his time in the shelter by “becoming friends with all his kitten friends around him,” says Hagler-Geard.


This “beautiful” tabby mix is the purr-fect sidekick for a musician. “He loves to cuddle and doesn’t mind hanging out on a guitar while you play,” she says.


Meet the Carlos Santana of felines. “He is one chill kitty,” she says. “He loves to go with the flow.”


This black beauty is ready to be your Mama’s boy. “He loves attention,” she says.

Phillipe & Emily

This brother and sister duo may take their meowing act on the road. “They sure love to have an adventure,” she says.


Like Ricky Martin, this kitty (who is actually female) loves “Livin’ la Vida Loca.” “Both she and Morty are super playful and cuddly just after a good run around with string,” she says.


If you’re looking for someone to play bass for your debut album, bring Sherlock home. “He is a purr-machine,” says Hagler-Geard.

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