Meet the Lucky Service Dog Who Gets to Tour with Blake Shelton and RaeLynn

Shelton adores Jazz the German shepherd but thinks his dog looks stupid by comparison

Photo: Courtesy Raelynn

Blake Shelton‘s Doing It to Country Songs Tour is full of talent and not just of the musical variety.

On the road with Shelton and his The Voice mentee RaeLynn is Jazz, a service dog trained to detect changes in blood sugar levels.

The loyal German shepherd belongs to RaeLynn, who has Type 1 diabetes. Always by her side, Jazz lets his mama know when her blood sugar levels are low, waking her up in the middle of the night when necessary.

He has also taken on the unofficial role of tour mascot.

Courtesy Raelynn

“He smells everybody, knows everybody. He just lightens the mood,” RaeLynn, who will release her first full length album, WildHorse, on March 24, told PEOPLE about her furry friend.

An important part of helping the singer manage her diabetes, no place is off limits to Jazz, including Ellen. The 5-year-old canine will proudly join RaeLynn and watch his mom make her Ellen debut on Friday, a day they have only dreamed of until recently.

Courtesy Raelynn

Jazz has been part of RaeLynn’s journey to country stardom for just over a year, after coming to her family from Global K9 Protection Services in Nashville.

The other members of Jazz’s squad include RaeLynn’s husband, Josh Davis, who is currently away at basic training, and the couple’s Chihuahua, Dolly, who is named after music legend Dolly Parton, obviously.

There may be a noticeable size difference between Jazz and Dolly, but it’s the tiny Chihuahua that holds the power.

Courtesy Raelynn

“He adores her!” said RaeLynn. “She picks and chooses when she adores him. If she growls at him, he will get off his bed and let her have it.”

While Dolly’s feelings on Jazz are mixed, RaeLynn loves everything about her service dog and the protection, comfort and sweetness he has brought to her life, especially while she is on the road.

“It’s cool to know that a dog is so loyal to you. He is loyal to another level. He never lets me out of sight,” she shared.

Courtesy Raelynn

Another one of Jazz’s biggest fans is Shelton, who has enjoyed having the German shepherd on tour this winter.

“He loves her. He always says, ‘Oh my God, my dog is so stupid by comparison,’ ” RaeLynn said about the impression Jazz has left on Shelton.

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