Meet the 5 Zoo Giraffes Born While We've Been Waiting for April to Give Birth

While April keeps us waiting, enjoy these other newborn giraffe arrivals

Photo: Memphis Zoo

For months we have watched a livestream of a bulging April the giraffe pacing around her pen at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, waiting — less and less patiently — for her to give birth.

And while April has been munching hay and flirting with her baby daddy on live TV, zoos around the world have welcomed the arrival of baby giraffes with little fanfare.

Just because these babies were prompt, doesn’t mean they should be ignored. So April, who has a host of reasonable excuses for why her pregnancy is delayed, can keeping us guessing on her due date, because we have plenty of itty-bitty, goofy giraffe cuteness to tide us over until then.

Memphis Zoo

The Tennessee zoo welcomed a male giraffe named Bogey on April 3 (see photo above). This is the 11th consecutive year that the zoo has celebrated a giraffe birth.

Denver Zoo

No one knew this baby boy was coming except for mom. On Feb. 28, the Colorado zoo was surprised to find that one of its reticulated giraffes was giving birth. The result is this adorable stunner named Dobby.

Houston Zoo

A Masai giraffe named Tyra is the most recent new mom to drop a baby before April. She welcomed her precious package on April 10, and they are already up and around and mugging for the camera.

Toledo Zoo

This little lady is Kipenzi, a baby Masai giraffe born on April 3. She and mom Elli are enjoying some bonding time together behind the scenes of the zoo before they make their debut this summer.

Chester Zoo

Seeing spots? That’s Narus, another baby giraffe. This time the lanky calf was born across the pond in Chester, U.K., to mom Orla.

Okay, your movie April.

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