Loki started off as a shy shelter cat, and now she is an Instagram superstar

By Kelli Bender
Updated August 19, 2015 08:25 PM

Fanged feline Loki isn’t here to suck our blood; she is here to steal our hearts.

The furry Nosferatu is one of the newest “must follow” meowers to pop up on Instagram, racking up over 30,000 fans.

Loki’s owner, Kaet, adopted the cutie two years ago from the Chittenden County Humane Society in South Burlington, Vermont. For Kaet, it was love at first sight, even though Loki was playing hard to get.

“The next few months were disheartening (after adoption). She spent most of it under my bed, and I had started to accept that I’d adopted the most hateful cat ever. She wanted nothing to do with me, but I did some reading on how to care for a fearful cat. I never bothered her or attempted to touch her, and associated myself with tasty treats and wet food. The use of catnip eventually got her to play with toys I’d purchased for her. Finally, one day as I was sitting on my bed, she came up and rubbed her head against my back. Slowly she accepted me into her life, and now she’s incredibly snuggly and affectionate towards me,” Kaet told PEOPLE over email.

Now Loki and her human friend spend their days sleeping, people-watching and taking precious, toothy photos for Instagram.

“I’m so excited that people are enjoying Loki so much, and I just want to share her sweet face with everyone. She’s made me so happy,” Kaet shared.

Kaet hopes Loki’s silly shots encourage other people to adopt shelter cats, especially the felines who seem shy at first.

“I would encourage others to take a chance and adopt the cat that isn’t pawing the cage for your attention. I’ve had cats that were more outgoing and more ‘adoptable,’ but Loki has been the most loyal and loving cat I’ve ever met,” Kaet added.

“A person could bypass their spirit animal because he/she is shy. Just like introverted people can have wonderful and vibrant personalities, so can introverted cats.”

While Loki’s little fangs are unusual, they are safe. The vampire kitty has her mouth routinely checked by a veterinarian, who says the teeth pose no health problems for the feline.