Meet Herman the Permanently Petrified Pussycat

Oh goodness, Herman is surprised to see you.

Don’t worry, that’s his reaction to all things. The exotic shorthair kitty was born with giant eyes which give him a permanently shocked expression.

According to Metro, Herman spends most of his time gazing upon stunning sites in Copenhagen, where he lives with his owner Shirley.

When Herman and Shirley first met it was a classic case of cat-picks-human.

“The first time I met Herman, he was instantly jumping on me and decided to sit on my shoulder purring,” the owner said. “Even though he was significantly smaller and had that peculiar look, I decided that I had to make sure that he and I would have a fantastic time together.”

The pair have been inseparable ever since. Born with a low birth weight, Shirley hand fed Herman in their first days together to help him pack on the pounds. This one-on-one time has made Herman, who is now in great health, more comfortable around humans than most felines.

“He is both a special cat due to his peculiarly big eyes giving him a funny but sweet look and due to his loving nature,” she said.

Now, Shirley is sharing Herman’s endearingly odd look with the world on Instagram, where the huge-eyed handsome boy has racked up more than 4,000 followers.

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