July 22, 2015 03:00 AM

Wendy Bulmer needed a new horse for her riding school, and ended up getting more horse than she bargained for, in more than one way.

She bought a mare not knowing that she was pregnant, so when the horse gave birth, she was already getting a bonus horse. Then Bulmer noticed that the newborn had unusual markings – a white patch down his left flank that looked remarkably like a horse.

That would make it a horse within a horse within a horse. Horse Inception! Clearly, this woman lucked out when it came to getting free horses.

We Bet You’ve Never Seen Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting Interviewed by a Horse Before

The horse was named Da Vinci – “Vinny” for short – because clearly any horse than can manifest a portrait of another horse must clearly be a great artist.

“We call him Da Vinci because of his marking on his shoulder. He has a perfect little horse,” Bulmer said.

According to England’s Whitby Gazette, Bulmer said it’s not uncommon for chestnut horses to have patches, “but they don’t normally make something as recognizable.”

Da Vinci also has “a little heart shape on his bottom as well,” so he’s truly everything you could ask for in a horse, butt-heart and all. May he become the envy of every other horse in the stable.

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