"As cool as he seems online, he's about a thousand times cooler than that," owner Derek Johnson previously said of the Insta-famous duck
Ben Afquack, the Guiness World Record Holder for Most-Followed Duck on Instagram
From left: Ben Afquack and Derek Johnson

The duck is carving out his own social media dynasty!

On Tuesday, Guinness World Records (GWR) marked the release of the 2021 edition of its famous record books by celebrating a few of this year's unique stars. Among the new crop of record-holders is Ben Afquack — the duck with the most followers on Instagram.

Though the influencer bird and his owner Derek Johnson set the record with 79,467 followers, we're willing to bet that count is going to multiply as more IG users discover the duck's whimsical and relatable content.

"The adorable Instagram-famous Ben Afquack has obtained a record-breaking title for having the most followers on Instagram for a duck! He appears in the #GWR2021 edition for his quack-tacular achievement," GWR wrote on Instagram, sharing a video of the star duck drumming with his webbed feet and flipping through the pages of the new record book.

GWR said that the 1-year-old duck has "reached an astounding following on his account with the help of his owner, Derek Johnson," who in turn said the pet is "incredibly goofy, friendly, a snuggler and always up for an adventure!"

"When Derek and Ben found out they achieved a Guinness World Records title, Derek celebrated by eating pizza while Ben devoured some scrumptious mealworms. Yum...," wrote GWR. ⁣ ⁣

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Through his Instagram presence, Ben shares glimpses at his exciting life in Minnesota, including how he spreads his wings on "pool day," and how he has befriended a pair of dogs.

Earlier this year, Ben went viral when a seconds-long clip of him playing the snare drum with his feet garnered millions of views on social media.

"It blew up," Johnson told the Star Tribune of the drumming video back in February. "People are making it into rap beats. A Detroit radio station was doing freestyle over the top of the beat. People are making remixes. It turned into this weird snowball thing. I don’t have time to keep up with all the messages."

Ben Afquack, the Guiness World Record Holder for Most-Followed Duck on Instagram

The pet owner told the outlet at the time why he endorses everyone getting a duck companion.

"I think everyone should. I thought it was such a dumb idea, but we got a little baby duck. A cute little puff ball who would eventually be a full-size bird. I don’t know why people don’t do this," said Johnson. "If more people get ducks, we could have playdates. Except he’s actually afraid of ducks. When we brought him to the beach, he saw ducks and he ran behind the dog."

"As cool as he seems online, he’s about a thousand times cooler than that. A thousand times friendlier than you can imagine," the human added. "He even lets you pet him. If you pet the side of his face, he falls asleep."

Guinness World Records 2021 is now available wherever books are sold.