Find out how this speed demon got her amusing name

By Kelli Bender
Updated July 28, 2014 05:35 PM

It’s time to meet your new spirit animal: Anderson Pooper.

Pooper is a 7-year-old dachshund with paralyzed back legs, but she doesn’t let this disability slow down her competitive dreams. The dedicated dog recently wowed crowds at Seattle’s Star 101.5 Weinerdog Races at Emerald Downs, beating out many of the other pups who scrambled off the course or stayed in the gates, reports New York Daily News.

Dave and Brenda Sizer are the proud parents of the tenacious pup, who injured her spine in an accident. The couple adopted AP four years ago, after they were contacted by Animals with Disabilities, a nonprofit group that Sizer runs about the dachshund.

“She loves running. Any chance she gets she’s all in for it,” Dave Sizer shared. “We’ll take her to the coast and she’ll run on the beach and we have a hard time keeping up with her.”

Anderson Pooper didn’t come with her unusual name; the Sizers gave her the title after noticing her impressive potty skills. Pooper has to wear diapers due to the paralysis in her lower legs, and during a routine change, Brenda Sizer remarked how big Anderson’s poops were, creating a nickname that has stuck with the dog to this day.

While AP’s poops are awe-worthy, it’s her racing skills that really stand out. The Sizers say they always attract attention at competitions, where fans and other pet parents are eager to meet the adorable pooch behind the wheels.

“A lot of times people see her and go ‘awww, poor thing,’” Dave Sizer said. “We always say ‘don’t feel sorry for her.’ She couldn’t care less her legs don’t work. She’s as happy as she could be.’” RELATED: The Cutest Pets on Twitter This Week!

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