Meet a Member: Two Friends Connect in Real Life

Internet 'hugs' turned into a backyard barbecue for Carolyn Menter and Sheila Hayes

Carolyn Menter joined on a whim. The owner of two rescued German shepherds and a tuxedo cat, she just wanted to share a little bit about her pets.

What she found was a kinship with other members in the community. “We’re animal people,” she says. “Just getting on there and talking with other animal people, you find that they’re the best kind of people.”

One person Menter (MonarchCarol) really bonded with was Sheila Hayes (BICHON06). Hayes, a social butterfly, is perpetually one of the Most Hugged on the site – she’s at 30,254 and counting. Over the months, via wall postings and messages, Menter and Hayes found that they had a lot in common.

Though they lived in different states, they both lived on streets that had the same name. Their granddaughters nearly had the same name. They were both 64 years old.

When Menter and her husband started to make travel plans to celebrate their 46th wedding anniversary, she told Hayes, who found that the journey would bring her friend close enough for an in-person meeting.

“Sheila said, ‘Why don’t you come and visit me?’ She gave me her phone number and set up a time for us to have supper together,” Menter says.

When they finally met, there was no awkwardness between them, nor their husbands. Menter also finally got to meet the Bichon Frise of BICHON06 fame –Misha, who was “a little doll.” They all hugged each other and enjoyed an hours-long meal outside with pastas, salad and meat from the grill.

“It was just like we had been friends forever,” Menter says. “I tell all my friends that if they ever get a chance to meet someone from PEOPLEPets, to do it!”

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