July 22, 2011 11:45 AM

The future looked lonely for Timon the meerkat after the 4-year-old’s mob suddenly gave him the boot. Then he met a Chihuahua mix named Poppy.

Both pets of John and Sally Bent of Dronfield, England, the cuddly pair became fast friends and have been inseparable ever since. Now they take walks and enjoy baths together, and even share food.

Timon’s plucky personality could be the reason for this unusual partnership. “Meerkats stick very much to their own kind but Timon is lovable and cheeky,” Sally told the Daily Mail.

With the 6-year-old pooch by his side, Timon doesn’t seem to miss his mob, who still live in their dwelling outside the Bent family home. “Poppy has a special spot on the settee and she allowed Timon to share it with her,” said Sally. “It s where they fall asleep in the afternoon.”

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