The furry daredevil made it back to land without any injuries

By Kelli Bender
June 22, 2015 04:15 PM

Hello, this is your pilot speaking. Before takeoff, please check your surroundings for any loose articles that could be disturbed during flight; this includes luggage, purses and cats.

A light-aircraft pilot was treated to a shocking surprise while gliding hundreds of feet above the ground. Shortly after starting his trip from aviation school Club ULM in Kouroi, French Guiana, the flyer realized his feline had somehow snuck aboard the plane and was clinging to the wing, reports The Independent.

In the video of the fur-raising incident, posted Sunday, everything looks normal until the 40-second mark, when the curious kitty starts to crawl into the frame. It takes a few moments for the pilot to notice his furry friend, but once he does, he acts quickly.

Two minutes later, the black-and-white meower is down to eight lives but back on the ground. For what could’ve been a true cat-astrophe, this accidental feline flight turned out shockingly well.

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The pilot promises his daredevil kitty, who remained amazingly calm, was not injured during the trip.