People will pay to see cats on giant wheels

Got a fat cat? This Kickstarter has an interesting answer to fighting pussycat pudge: hamster wheels!

One Fast Cat is an exercise wheel built to accommodate kitties looking to stay active, and – thanks to some enthusiastic donors – it could be coming to a pet store near you. The project was posted on the crowdfunding website 17 days ago with a fundraising goal of $10,000. In less than three weeks, One Fast Cat has far exceeded its goal, racking up close to $100,000 in donations. RELATED: A Breaking Bad Sequel Starring Val Kilmer and Other Wild Kickstarter Campaigns

Sean Farley, One Fast Cat’s chief designer, created the contraption to help house cats everywhere fight the boredom of indoor life. According to the invention’s website, the wheel is designed to help felines expel the pent-up energy they would usually unleash through hunting in nature. The result is a happier cat, who is less likely to take its energy out on your furniture or through bad litter box habits.

One Fast Cat should also provide endless entertainment for cat lovers everywhere. Now that the product has the funds to begin production, we are looking forward to all the cat exercise wheel videos to come. RELATED: The Internet Keeps Giving This Guy Money to Make Potato Salad

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