The Star Wars service dog is something special


On Star Wars day — May the 4th be with you, ha ha ha — we would like to take a moment to honor Gary, Carrie Fisher’s therapy French bulldog.

As the dog of the late actress, who played Princess Leia, Gary knows a thing or two about the franchise. He also knows a thing or two about being the most adorable dog ever, by virtue of his personality, drooping tongue, and perfect little nugget body.

Here are 9 reasons why Gary rules.

1. Him and his mom were basically twins.

2. He travels like a champion.

3. Everything about him screams “distinguished.”

4. He’s more legit than each and every one of us.

5. His best friend is a toy squirrel.

6. He is shockingly tech-savvy.

7. (We present the following photo without comment.) (We are squealing.)

8. He’s a professional through and through.

9. He was the first one to see and review The Force Awakens (…)

In conclusion: Gary, you are perfect — never, ever change.